Bowers & Wilkins P3


My old headphones were big, often falling off my head, and required the cable to be replaced over and over. So with travelling coming up, I decided I really needed a better pair. I’ve long been a fan of B&W’s loudspeakers, and the leather covered P5s were on my wish list if only they weren’t so pricey. When news that a more compact and more affordable model would be released, with the sound quality in tow, I jumped.

Whilst not quite as impressive as the P5s, the P3s share the same DNA. Materials have taken a hit, but the build quality cannot be faulted. The sound, whilst not quite as wide, is still balanced and clear. As portable headphones, they hit a great balance of quality and portability.

Thoughts, Work

Australian Design Biennale 2012


Over the weekend, the Australian Graphic Design Association held their biennial awards at The Forum in Melbourne.

Deciding to go at the last minute, I ended up flying in the afternoon and out first thing the next morning, going straight from the awards party to the airport and dispensing with such luxuries as accommodation.

But it was all worth it. sector7g picked up a six awards, including our work with Ride, Shorts and Asthma Australia among others. In addition, I picked up a personal award for Toe and my concrete wedding invites, which I especially appreciated.


Departing, heading home


Since discovering their 2006 release Raising Your Voice… Trying to Stop an Echo, I’ve been completely obsessed with the work of Hammock. Their have this incredible ability to create soundscapes and moods that both relaxes and makes your ears prick up.

Their new double album Departure Songs feels like a refinement of their back catalogue, a best of where everything has been revisited and improved. Weather is a common theme, and much of the album feels like the calm after a vicious storm; moments of incredible sadness with hints of hope knowing the worst is over. It’s makes for a wonderfully moving album.

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