Folding Table


After moving in to our new apartment, we decided that rather than spread our furniture budget over a lot of kind-of-ok pieces, we were better off investing in fewer but better pieces that wouldn’t require replacing in 5–10 years time. The two items we decided to focus on was a desk that I had previously designed, followed by a dining table. After his build of our desk, we commissioned local furniture designer Takeshi Iue to design and build our new table.

We wanted the table to act as much as a sculptural element in the room as it is a practical piece of furniture. Takeshi’s folded forms from American Walnut create some fantastic angles that pick up light and shadow and its asymmetric legs play off the relatively calm top beautifully. The craftsmanship and detail of the joins are particularly beautiful and it makes the top and the waterfall end feel like a single folded piece of wood.