Short Version

Graphic designer & shoegazer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Not Quite As Short Version

Senior Designer at sector7g, Nathan has over a decade of experience in branding and web design, with a process driven approach to finding strong and appropriate solutions.

He spends what time remains of his day reliving the golden era of shoegaze, and planning impractical things to cast from concrete to the despair of his wife and son.

Wedding Invitation

Set In Concrete

Project Description

A wedding invitation, hand cast in concrete. The concrete reflects the contemporary art gallery setting, the wedding bands (made of concrete and stainless steel), and the strength and permanency of the marriage.

AGDA Award Winner 2012



Project Description

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary and re-issue of Going Blank Again, I worked with shoegazing legends Ride to design and build their new website.

Reflecting our interpretation of the band’s music, ‘moments of clarity appear through the bombardment of sound’, the user is presented with a layered wall of content. Seemingly chaotic, individual elements get pulled to the fore and an underlying structure is revealed.

AGDA Award Winner 2012

Created at sector7g

Branding & Website

Millie Herd

Project Description

Based on the grid for perfect eyebrows, this identity for local makeup and brow artist Millie Herd positions her as a leader for bridal, fashion and commercial work.

The grid is used subtly to position the logotype, just as it positions the shape of the eyebrow, and is blind de-bossed on her letterpressed business cards and as twine within her window display.

The custom typography of the logotype shows a fashion edge whilst also emphasising the attention to detail and craft that Millie provides.

Print & Website

Steering By Stars

Project Description

Entitled The Cold Embrace, Steering By Stars second album plays heavily on the creation and release of tension. The album artwork emphasises the tension of both attraction and repulsion at the same time.

The copper colour reflects the cold/warm dichotomy of a cold embrace. Despite it’s warm colour tone, as a conductive metal it’s actual temperature is a result of it’s environment.

To accompany the album release, the website was completely re-done with a layered approach, with the navigation pinning the content over a horizontally scrolling split layout.

Photography by Hailey Lane